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!! Woah guys! Pixelovely’s new tools are finally out, one for hands & feet, and one for faces!

There’s now 429 photos of hands & feet, and 314 photos of faces. Dang!!

This is super cool news and I certainly can’t wait to start using them haha

I’ve got tons of tutorials on hands, feet and faces in their relevant tags, so be sure to check those out too nwn

Check out Pixelovely! I usually start my drawing day by warming up with the figure drawing practice sessions.

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Julianne Moore as “Famous Works of Art” by Peter Linderbergh - for Harper’s Bazaar

Seated Woman With Bent Knee by Egon Schiele, La Grande Odalisque by Ingres, Saint Praxidis by Vermeer, The Cripple by John Currin, Les danseuses by Edgar Degas, Madame X by John Singer, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer, Woman With a Fan by Modigliani, Man Crazy Nurse #3 by Richard Prince, Adele Bloch Bauer I by Gustav Klimt.

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Pyotr Sokolov was a distinguished aquarelle portraitist who painted well-known figures of the middle of the XIX century. Among his sitters were noblemen, Decembrists, Pushkin and friends etc.

I feel like Pyotr knows the way to a good hairdresser

fabulous amirite

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Dan McPharlin

Wow, yes.

This is great, but it just serves to remind me of the fact that the last time I googled “Why does every album title by Pretty Lights contain exactly seven syllables and rhyme with the other ones” came up with nothing.

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Affair to Remember

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan

Styled by Linda Immediato

Photographed by Williams + Hirakawa

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Pumzi - dir. Wanuri Kahiu // Kenya

In a dystopian future 35 years after an ecological WWIII  has torn the world apart, East African survivors of the devastation remain locked away in contained communities, but a young woman in possession of a germinating seed struggles against the governing council to bring the plant to Earth’s ruined surface.

The main character is a museum curator in the future and also yes I would like see this now please

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Some incredible concepts for Tangled. See more here!

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from Rake Fall/Winter 2014, London Men’s Collections


from Rake Fall/Winter 2014, London Men’s Collections

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